Gabi Voice FAQ

  1. Q: What type of data is stored by Gabi Voice?
    A: Only usage information, such as how many times a copy was requested, is saved.  No PII or PHI is stored.  This is a zero digital footprint solution.
  2. Q: What happens with the data that is transmitted to the IBM Watson platform?
    A: Gabi Voice captures audio for the sole purpose of responding to user invocations.  Any remnants of the audio file are permanently deleted from the Gabi Smartbox and the IBM server once the connection is closed.
  3. Q: What happens with the voice file that is generated by the Gabi Voice interaction?
    A: Any captured voice wav file is encrypted and transmitted to the IBM Watson server.  Watson interprets the voice file as text files and transmits back to the Gabi Smartbox.  Any speech-to-text from parsing audio data is generated at run-time and never saved on a disk.
  4. Q: CAC-enabled cards are utilized for many of our customers.  Does Gabi Voice still work with that means of authentication?
    A: Gabi Voices does not interfere with authentication and will only complete voice commands after successful login.
  5. Q:  What is the cost for support with Gabi Voice?
    A: The cost of support is included with your Gabi Voice pricing.
  6. Q: How are software and security updates handled with Gabi Voice?
    A:  Approximately every two weeks, updates are automatically deployed to Gabi Voice.  Updates on-demand are also being considered.
  7. Q: Do you need the keyboard to generate a service call?
    A: No keyboard is needed to place a service call.  You can route to a unique destination.
  8. Q:  Where is the service ticket routed?
    A:  The service ticket can be routed to one of three choices – an email or email destination (usually a help desk).  It can be disabled and when prompted, Gabi Voice will instruct them to contact their service provider.  And the customer can supply API information with where to route the information.
  9. Q: How does Gabi Voice function when the MFP is locked down?
    A: Gabi Voice will answer and begin a conversation, but will not implement any function without the user first authenticating.
  10. Q: When diagnostics are sent to support; how will the user be identified?
    A: The user has an opportunity to add a message before submitting a service ticket. They can identify themselves at that time.
  11. Q: How can users get a list of commands to utilize?
    A: All of the commands are listed in our User’s Guide found on Users can also access the commands from the Gabi Poster?
  12. Q: Is there a visual component for Gabi Voice?
    A: Gabi Voice supports voice only. No visual component is needed.
  13. Q: What happens to Gabi Voice at the end of the lease?
    A: Gabi commands to IBM Watson are disabled. The hardware can be upgraded.
  14. Q: Is the only configuration for Gabi Voice one smartbox per MFP?
    A: Yes. Reconfiguration is available, fee applies. 
  15. Q: Are NFRs available?
    A: No
  16. Q: Are trials supported?
    A: No. Reconfigurations are available, fee applies.
  17. Q: Are discounts available?
    A: Yes with a Gabi Partnership
  18. Q: How long is the warranty?
    A: TXC orders have a 1 year warranty. Gabi Partners have a 2 year warranty. Warranty includes a no cost smartbox or speaker replacement if defective. You must obtain an authorization number prior to replacement.